At a glance

Publicly certified expert

Oberlandgericht Köln (Fig. with kind permission of the OLG Köln, Quelle)

Constructions, component optimization, process optimization

Discussion of a redesign of a grand piano

  Time value determination, market valuation, evaluation of repairs


Certificate of appointment 2023 bis 2028

appointed since 2003

About us

Jan Enzenauer


Publicly appointed and certified expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Cologne for pianos, grand pianos and historical keyboard instruments



Our services

Appraisals that are valid in legal contexts:

  • Appraisals for insurance
  • Expert opinion for court
  • Expert opinions for private persons

Expert opinions, statements and expertise for:

  • Insurance
  • Lawyers
  • District courts
  • Bailiff
  • private people
  • Musician


Presentations, workshops


Piano Consulting Enzenauer

Schulstraße 15

51399 Burscheid



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fax +49 2174 780737

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What we do

Preparation of reports, valuations and expert reports:


    ■  Market valuation of pianos and grand pianos

    ■  Time value determination of pianos and grand pianos

    ■  Clarification of the value of a grand piano or piano e.g.

         ■  when buying a used instrument

         ■  on sale of a used instrument

         ■  in inheritance disputes

         ■  estate administration

    ■  Clarification of the value of a repair (evaluation of repairs)